The Gates Group is committed to serving God and our authors with excellence. The two following lists explain our basic philosophy and the reasons why you should consider our services for your publishing career. 

Our Five Foundational Principles

  1. Honor God – We exist to give glory to God. We ensure that all we do – in process, communication and delivery – honors our God.
  2. Serve the Client – We focus on meeting the needs of our clients. We provide proven strategies, honed resources and wise counsel.
  3. Grow Disciples – We deliver content that enables others to grow in Christ. We want all to learn, develop and be challenged in faith.
  4. Give to Others – We seek opportunities to give to those less fortunate. We provide services to those that need a helping hand.
  5. Have Fun – We select people and projects where there is passion. We find or even invent ways to have fun in the engagement process.

Five Credible Reasons To Work With The Gates Group

  1. Bestseller Results – Don oversaw the best three years of New York Times Bestsellers in Zondervan’s 85-year history. His team of marketing mavens and publicity professionals gave rise to new authors and proven authors “making the list.”
  2. Business Know-how – Don has a BS from The Wharton School of Business and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. He has advocated for multi-million dollar investments and completed complex deals. He has first-hand working knowledge of what makes a good contract for an author.
  3. Marketing Expertise – Don learned his marketing tenets (strategy, creative, publicity and more) from 15 years in brand management at Campbell’s, Hershey and Yum Brands! He has a stable of widely proven marketing principals that he employs to ensure alignment and success.
  4. Theological Insight – Don is studying for a Masters of Divinity in Worldview and Apologetics from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Most importantly, he embraces the views and perspectives found in broad Evangelicalism and classical Christian orthodoxy.
  5. Publishing Innovation – Don is not committed to keeping things the same in the publishing industry. With the explosion of e-books and the proliferation of new titles, the same-old stodgy system needs a redesign and reinvention.