The Gates Group will represent you as your ministry partner and literary agent on a variety of projects in the publishing world. With sound principles, keen insights and proven methods, you will receive the best representation with a firm that knows publishing from the inside out. The Gates Group works with all of the top publishing teams in the Christian book world:

As your ministry partner, The Gates Group will work with you in your ministry endeavors and publishing programs, but also deliver where you need it the most. In addition to the typical publishing, legal or editorial competence, we have the increasingly important marketing and publicity capability needed in a publishing partnership.

The Gates Group will collaborate with you and provide four expert services to ensure marketplace success for your book:

  1. Vision and Strategy – We can work with you to define or refine your vision and construct your strategy for ministry and publication. Having the right vision of what you want to be and strategy of how you will get there are crucial for positioning your ministry for results.
  2. Ideation and Research – We can work with you to create or recreate ideas and concepts for publication impact. Your ideas must be developed with a consumer benefit and point of difference in mind. We will ensure your ideas are well researched and approved.
  3. Product Development – We can develop or redevelop your book concepts for ministry and publication. Your content needs to fit with your overall ministry positioning. We have five product principles that will enable us to develop an impactful portfolio of offerings for you.
  4. Marketing and Publicity – We can collaborate with you, your ministry and your publisher to get the most out of your marketing and publicity efforts. Do you ever feel like you are not getting the most out of this area? We have the expertise and experience to deliver results.